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Ana, Cris and Renata, Brazil, Natural



Producers: Ana, Cris & Renata

Region: Monte Santo De Minas, Brazil

Variety: Mundo Novo, Yellow Catuai

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1100 MASL

A big ole-heavy mouthfeel married with sugary-sweetness, black cherry and enough citrus acidity to keep things balanced, this coffee from Ana, Cris and Renata is a real coffee experience.

About the women of Mió...

Mió is a female-led company run by Cris Gerbasi, COO for Brazilian Business, Ana Luiza, COO for International Business and Renata Parisi (Ana’s Mum) Owner and general badass of Mio.

Ana says “We want to be producers who are in charge of all decisions regarding the supply chain. We want to take control and expand our traceability to the roaster's door. What is the point of all the traceability work we do at farm level if we don't know exactly what happens to our coffee afterwards?”.

Sustainability is incredibly important to Mio, and they have many projects they are working on to support social, economic and environmental stability. They pride themselves on a 100% traceability guarantee for the entire crop every year. Each stage of the journey, from where the cherries were harvested, which trucks moved them, how and when they were processed, is tracked using satellite imagery. Being a technology-driven farm improves the farmworkers’ quality of life, ensures an abundant harvest and guarantees the highest processing standards for the crop. The world coffee supply chain consists of a large number of steps. Mió aims to oversee every part of the process. Buying coffee from Mió is as trustworthy and straightforward as buying vegetables at your farmers’ market.

Mio’s state-of-the-art processing facilities include: a wet-mill, concrete patios, raised beds, ambient-air drying rotating machines, wood silos, cross-beater hullers and a density separator. The beans are then sorted further according to size and colour using an oscillating screen and optical-electronic system.

“Mió is, first of all, a farm in Monte Santo de Minas, a tiny town where I was born 30 years ago, and so was everyone in my family for at least four generations. Last year we decided we did not want it to be just a farm anymore, we wanted to export our coffee, import into the UK ourselves, store it here and sell directly to roasteries. We dreamed of making the term direct trade actually mean something to our farm, and everyone involved in the process” says Ana 


Our favourite way to brew this coffee at the roastery:

Deciding on our ‘favourite’ way of brewing this black forest beauty was a tricky one, because every which way we drank her was delicious, but we finally settled on a favourite V60 brew to the following recipe:

36g medium ground coffee
540g water*
between 6.30-7.30 minute brew time
(trust us, it’s delicious!)
*We brewed our V60 at 92°

1. Pre-wet your filter paper, simultaneously preheating your carafe.
2. Put the 36g dry coffee in the V60, tap the sides of the V60 to flatten and even out the coffee bed.
3. Using a clean dry finger, poke a ‘well’ in the centre of your dry coffee grounds to aid even coverage in your bloom.
4. Pour 130g of water for the bloom, starting at the centre and moving out in an anti-clockwise motion, ensuring all grounds are wet. Swirl the V60 once in both directions.
4. Wait one full minute for the bloom, and then add an additional 86g of water in the same anti-clockwise spiral motion. Swirl the V60 once in both directions.
5. Wait another full minute, then add 108g of coffee in that same anti-clockwise spiral motion, followed by a swirl of the V60 once in both directions.
6. After waiting another full minute, add 108g of coffee in the same anti-clockwise spiral motion, followed by a swirl of the V60 once in both directions.
7. Wait one minute before pouring the final 108g of water, bringing your total pour to 540g- pour in the same spiral motion.
8. This time stir the coffee grounds with a clean spoon three times in each direction, allow to drain a little, and then swirl the V60 three times in each direction.
8. Wait for all the water to pull through, remove the V60 and swirl the carafe before serving, then enjoy yourself a delicious cup of this Brazillian banger!

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