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Cynthia La Rue, Nicaragua, Washed

MILK CHOCOLATE. HONEYDEW MELON. YUZU. FIERCE AF Farm: Finca La Plata Region: Jinotega, Nicaragua ...


Farm: Finca La Plata

Region: Jinotega, Nicaragua

Variety: Catuai

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1350m

Cynthia is a real force to be reckoned with, and the way we brewed this coffee brought out exactly that punch of flavour we feel lives up to Cynthia’s personality - a kickass spro-type drink that has accessible milk and dark chocolate notes, with that refreshing yuzu citrus his that lingers in your mouth- the kind of go-go juice that makes you want to get out of bed, and then helps you to really hit the ground running


About Cynthia La Rue...

To create great things, risks need to be taken, and for the fearless Cynthia La Rue of Finca La Plata this could not be more true. Cynthia is a 4th Generation coffee farmer and the last of seven children. At age 12, Cynthia's family had to flee during the Civil War in Nicaragua and set up their life in the US. Cynthia held onto the memories of her childhood on the farm and once the war was over, she returned to claim the farm back, having to remove people off the land and tracking down the previous staff. Together they built it back up to it’s former glory and now Cynthia is a successful coffee producer, producing high quality, sublime tasting specialty coffee.

Cynthia’s farm now includes day care for worker´s kids and also offers her employee’s some of the best picker accommodations available. The next step for Cynthia is focusing on making her farm more efficient, as she feels a lot of by-products of coffee production are sub-consciously thrown away. One example is the emission of methane gas in the wet-milling process. Cynthia’s brother has developed a ground-breaking technique to capture and store that methane - which can then be used for cooking, helping the environment on all fronts: methane is not directly spilled into the air, and the cooks don't have to use wood for cooking, cutting down pollution and deforestation. 

Cynthia's vision and passion for rebuilding the farm is an inspiring example of the strength of the connection between a farmer and the land on which they were born. A rebel with a cause.



Read about Cheek to Cheek our Women's Empowerment Initiative that this coffee is part of.

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Our Favourite way to brew this coffee at the roastery:

Aeropress (Inverted)
We wanted to try and find a recipe that does justice to this coffee, and also represents Cynthia’s personality, so we’ve opted for an Aero-recipe that is reminiscent of an espresso, without the need for the expensive brewing kit. The below method and recipe brought out exactly that punch of flavour we feel lives up to Cynthia- this kick-ass drink has really accessible milk and chocolate notes, with that refreshing yuzu citrus hit that just lingers in your mouth.

16g medium-fine ground coffee (finer than usual for Aeropress, but not as fine as espresso)
80g water
2 minute brew time*

*Brewed at minimum 94° degrees


1. Pre-wet your Aero filter over your chosen vessel (this pre-wets your filters, and also preheats your cup).
2. Preheat your inverted Aero chamber, too, and be sure to empty both the Aero and the cup before you begin. 
3. Put the 16g of coffee in the aero chamber, gently shake the Aeropress to ensure your dry coffee is flat and evenly distributed.  
4. This recipe doesn’t call for a bloom, so pour all 80g water in one consistent pour, being sure to evenly cover all grounds in the chamber.
5. This is the tricky bit- leave it all alone for 1 minute 45 seconds- at 1 minute 45 seconds, place the cap on, screw in place and flip the Aeropress onto your cup.
6. Press down on the plunger, slowly and steadily, until you hear the release of air from the Aeropress- at that point, stop plunging and remove the Aeropress from your cup.
7. Enjoy! The final cup should have that explosion of flavour that reminds you of an espresso- if you find it’s a bit too much for you, it can be diluted with hot water to taste, but we felt it was at it’s best served just like this!

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