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Las Guerreras, Mexico, Natural

Pineapple, berry + lime Paletas. Brown sugar. Fiesta de Sabor. Producer: Las Guerreras (Warriors)...

Pineapple, berry + lime Paletas. Brown sugar. Fiesta de Sabor.

Producer: Las Guerreras (Warriors)
Octavia Sanchez Cristino
Honoria Martinez Sanchez
Bernardina Guevara Sanchez

Country: Mexico

State: Guerrero

Region: Montaña Alta

Variety: Typica

Process: Natural

 *** Please note that for all 250g orders of Las Guerreras are currently being sent in our custom, fully recyclable 250g bags (i.e. without the box)***   

About Las Guerreras (warriors)...

Doña Octavia, Doña Honoria and Doña Bernadina live in the Mexican state of Guerrero. They are warriors. They’ve been fighting their whole lives against the oppression women experience in this area. This is an area where women and girls disappear on a regular basis, where girls are hidden in holes in the ground to protect them from being kidnapped by drug gangs. There are not many opportunities in the area to make a living and a high proportion of men flee to find work in the north. Women suffer as a result. 

Nearly 100% of the coffee produced in this area is bought by one single private company at low prices and sold on. Ensambles wants to change this, to use coffee as a force of good. They began working with producers in Guerrero 5 years ago. The women involved in the project are provided with training and education on producing quality coffee. They are given an opportunity to provide an income for their family. Ensambles pay producers 2.7 times more than a local collector. 

Producers in this area are warriors, using coffee as their ammunition. Bernadina’s daughter explains in an emotional video, how proud she is of her mom, of what she’s achieved. She says it brings her mom peace to be able to focus her attention on something positive after dealing with so much negative in her life.

We need to support the efforts of organisations like Ensambles, who are taking risks in areas where others won’t. We need to highlight the work the women in Guerrero are doing for their communities, their families and themselves. 


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