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Martha Zuniga, Washed, Colombia

FIZZ. RHUBARB CANDY. PINK GRAPEFRUIT. GET SWANKY. Producers: Martha Zuniga Region: Finca El ...


Producers: Martha Zuniga

Region: Finca El Diviso, Huila, Colombia

Variety: Pink Bourbon (rare and exciting!)

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1800 MASL

We are immensely proud to bring you this incredible coffee from producer Martha Cecilia Zuniga as part of the ‘Six For Farmers’ Coffee Sourcing Project by Cata Export. A project developed to support Colombian producers, who due to Covid 19, were facing severe issues such as; lack of workers, drastic reductions in demand, canceled contracts and a lot of uncertainty.

About Martha Zuniga...

Martha owns and runs Finca El Diviso alongside her 2 sons Adrian and Nestor, growing exotic varieties such as Yellow bourbon, Aji Bourbon, Geisha, Ombligon and of course this super exciting Pink Bourbon.  Pink Bourbon is a special variety of coffee, a hybrid of Red and Yellow Bourbon which produces gorgeous pink cherries. It’s difficult to produce with consistency as it needs to be isolated from other varieties and extra special care needs to go into picking the ripe cherries as there is such a subtle difference between the mature and unripe fruits.  All of this hard work and attention to detail is worth it, with a cup bursting with sweet fruity elegance and a silky smooth body.

Martha and her older son Adrian (23) are super passionate about experimentation in fermentation and natural processes. Breaking down all the conventional codes of coffee production, experimenting with exotic varieties, microorganisms and fermentation methods.  

Martha’s younger son Nestor (21) is the driving force behind bringing El Diviso into the radar of specialty buyers and Cata Export has formed a strong partnership with the family within both their female producers project and their young farmers project. 

We know you’ll be blown away with this wonderful, rare coffee as much as we are!


Our favourite way to brew this coffee at the roastery:

We have been dying to share this coffee with you all, and like so many of our current offerings, there’s pretty much no way of brewing Martha that will disappoint you, but the floral notes that we so love about this coffee really come to life in a straight forward, traditional V60 recipe:

30g medium ground coffee
500g water*
3.30 minute brew time
*We brewed our V60 at 90°

1. Pre-wet your filter paper, simultaneously preheating your carafe.
2. Put the 30g dry coffee in the V60, tap the sides of the V60 to flatten and even out the coffee bed.
3. Using a clean dry finger, create a ‘well’ in the centre of your dry grounds to allow for more even coverage in the bloom.
4. Pour 60g of water in an anti-clockwise motion, starting at the centre and moving outwards for the bloom- ensure that all grounds are wet. Swirl the V60 three times in each direction.
5. Wait between 30-45 seconds for the bloom, and then pour an additional 140g of water in the same anti-clockwise motion. Swirl the V60 three times in each direction.
6. At 1minute 15 seconds, pour the remaining 300g of water in the same anti-clockwise spiral.
7. Stir the coffee grounds with a clean spoon three times in each direction, allow to drain slightly and then swirl the V60 three times in each direction.
8. Wait for all the water to pull through the coffee bed, this should be finished at around 3minutes 30 seconds. Remove the V60, swirl the carafe and get ready to enjoy some deliciously floral, subtly rhubarb reminiscent Martha magic. 

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