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The Boza Sisters, El Salvador, Natural

PINA COLADA. CHERRY ON TOP. LET’S GET CAUGHT IN THE RAIN. Farm: Finca San Antonio Region: Amate...


Farm: Finca San Antonio

Region: Amatepec, San Salvador, El Salvador

Variety: Bourbon

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1300m

Shade Grown, Rainforest Alliance certified

Okay, so prepare to find yourself in paradise- it’s all fruits and sweetness, with a super pleasant body- she’s the treat you invite your friends over to try, any time, and any place with a no-faff Aeropress friendly flavour profile. 


About the Boza Sisters...

The incredible Boza Sisters of Finca San Antonio Amatepec are ambitious change-makers carving a path for themselves and the next generation of coffee producers. 

With a focus on shade-grown specialty coffee production through sustainable methods, the farm has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance.

The three sisters: Alexandra, Daniella, and Karla, grew up going to the farm but were not involved with the day to day activities. Part of this, they believe, had to do with their gender. Since the 1970s, Finca San Antonio Amatepec was run solely by their father, Carlos. Over time, breaking with tradition, he agreed for the sisters to become more involved.

They oversaw the new implementations of different Rainforest Alliance strategies, looked after the harvest, and managed more of the marketing and relationship building with buyers. Most importantly, they finally took the necessary steps to process their coffee independently. They believe that this has been the most important change for their farm to date.

Karla is one of the recipients of the 2019-2021 Leadership Equity and Diversity (LEAD) scholarship program. LEAD is aimed at increasing diversity of leadership within the global coffee community by enabling access to professional development resources to people from underrepresented or marginalised communities. We are super proud of Karla and the amazing leader she is becoming within the coffee industry!

Read about Cheek to Cheek our Women's Empowerment Initiative that this coffee is part of.

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Our favourite way to brew this coffee at the roastery:

Aeropress Method (Inverted/Bypass)
Okay, so prepare to find yourself in paradise with this pina colada princess. The recipe we’ve most enjoyed with this baby brings to life this vibrant coffee- it’s all fruits and sweetness, with that clean filter body without sacrificing any of the fruity flavour notes. The bypass method gives you real control over your Aeropress brew- if you’re finding the flavours aren’t coming through enough, or that the body is lacking, try dropping the amount of water in your vessel- or similarly, if you’re getting too much of a punch with this, you can always add more hot water to your cup to cut through some of those funkier notes.

35g medium-coarse ground coffee (SLIGHTLY coarser than typical Aeropress recipe)
200g water total (100g in cup/100g in chamber)
*we brewed ours at 94°

1. Pre-wet your Aeropress filter over your chosen vessel (this pre-wets your filters, and also preheats your cup).
2. Preheat your inverted Aeropress chamber, too, and be sure to empty both the chamber and the cup before you begin. 
3. Put the 35g of coffee in the aero chamber, gently shake the Aeropress to ensure your dry coffee is flat and evenly distributed.  
4. Pour 100g water into your chosen vessel and put to the side.
5. Pour all 100g water into the Aeropress chamber, evenly covering the coffee grounds- stir with paddle for 15 seconds, and then add a final boost of turbulence by swirling the chamber for an additional 5 seconds.
6. At 1 minute 15 seconds, place on the cap and flip the Aeropress onto your vessel- plunge for 30 seconds applying even and consistent weight.
7. Drink up!

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