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Aracelly Robles, Costa Rica, Washed, Part 1

Almond.  Fudge. Green Apple. Fresh Apricot. Body-ody-ody.   Producer: Aracelly Robles Region: Fra...

Almond.  Fudge. Green Apple. Fresh Apricot. Body-ody-ody.


Producer: Aracelly Robles

Region: Frailes

Country: Costa Rica

Mill: Centro Agricola Cantonal De Frailes

Variety: Caturra, Catuai, CR95

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1000 MASL


*** Please note that for all 250g orders of Aracelly Part 1 are currently being sent in our custom, fully recyclable 250g bags (i.e. without the box)*** 


Those of you who have been part of the GWGC clan for a while now will probably know that we've not bought from Aracelly before, so we are super excited to share our first-time purchases with you all - and in classic GWGC fashion, we have opted to do things a little differently, so are incredibly proud to offer three separate lots to showcase different processing methods and varieties.

This washed wonder brings the body with big chewy feels complimented by that citric acidity we love to find in the cup.

The information that we were sent about Aracelly reads like a fairy tale, and since we've got three different coffees on offer from Aracelly, we thought we'd treat you to a little story time split over three parts spread across each listing for each lot available.

So, are you sitting comfortably?

Then we'll begin with Part 1, written by Lindsay Coe:

The lush and foggy town of Frailes, nestled in the hills of central Costa Rica, is full of friendly faces. Doña Aracelly’s softly-weathered face stands out as one of the brightest.

As she walks down the street, locals honk, run, and slam on their brakes just to say good morning. It’s clear why she is such a trusted soul in her community - from volunteering her time to kick-starting fundraisers in Frailes, she gives back to her neighbors generously...

For Part 2 click on the product information for the second washed process coffee from Aracelly.

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