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Diaz Castillo Sisters, Colombia, Honey

Blood Orange. Honey Drip. Orange Blossom. Glow Up.  Producer: Paola, Adrianna, Leidy Diaz Castil...

Blood Orange. Honey Drip. Orange Blossom. Glow Up. 

Producer: Paola, Adrianna, Leidy Diaz Castillo

Country: Colombia

Region: Soccorro, Santander

Variety: Colombia, Castilla

Process: Honey

Altitude: 1550-1750 MASL

Honey, she's home! And orange-you glad to see this stunning honey micro-lot from the Diaz Castillo Sisters once again!


*** Please note that for all 250g orders of Diaz Castillo are currently being sent in our custom, fully recyclable 250g bags (i.e. without the box)***


About the Castillo Sisters...

Produced by Paola, Leida and Adriana, 3 sisters who have been involved in coffee production their whole lives. They have named this coffee 'Carmen Honey' as a tribute to the Virgin of Carmen, a Saint to which the sisters' grandparents are devoted to.

The Diaz family runs a complex operation in the historic town of Socorro. They have a coffee farm, a roastery and a super little café, where you can eat sweet cheese tarts and taste their cacao honey!

Joaquin (their father) has been a grower all his life, but Finca La Esperanza became a part of the family in 2004. Joaquin's firstborn and eldest of the three sisters, Paola, graduated in 2009 as an industrial engineer and worked in Bogota for a couple of years, returning to her hometown in 2011 when her dad opened the roastery, Los Comuneros, to help with the family business. Working side by side with her father hasn't always been easy for Paola. They both have strong temperaments. However, Joaquin is happy to let his daughters run the roastery and the post-harvest processing protocols at the farm - the "scientific stuff" as he puts it.

Paola, Adriana, and Leidy do everything from managing sales and operations to profiling and quality control at the roastery. The sisters place high value in sustainable development and aim to work in balance with their surrounding environment, turning all of the coffee by-products into something constructive: the pulp is used as fertiliser, the skin is used for cascara infusion and they are also developing a coffee pulp wine! Now, that's our kind of by-product!


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