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Aracelly Robles, Costa Rica, Honey, Part 3

Hazelnut. Black Tea. Red Apple. Dark Chocolate. Raisin Hell. Producer: Aracelly Robles Region: Fr...

Hazelnut. Black Tea. Red Apple. Dark Chocolate. Raisin Hell.

Producer: Aracelly Robles

Region: Frailes

Country: Costa Rica

Mill: Centro Agricola Cantonal De Frailes

Variety: Caturra, Catuai

Process: Honey

Altitude: 1500 MASL


By now, I'm sure you're just impatient to read the final part of this story about Aracelly, but before we treat you to the last and final segment in this three-part tale, a quick word on this honey processed HUNNII; all super dark chocolate, juicy raisin and hazelnut, the final offering in the Aracelly trio does not disappoint.

But, more on that when you drink it yourself! For now, here is Part 3 of Aracelly's tale, as written by Lindsay Coe:

Doña Aracelly sees working in coffee as a way to continue her mother’s legacy in the industry. She is always one to jot down detailed notes about how to improve her coffee during training sessions and has excitedly adopted new techniques, such as vermicomposting, to benefit the quality of her product.
She wants deeply for her grandchildren to be passionate about the industry as well someday. Although she understands the many uncertainties that come with working in the industry–especially as a female.
More than anything, Doña Ara wants for future generations to reap the same benefits the coffee industry has given her. She entrusts this hope into the hands of Bean Voyage where she knows that through the educational experience provided to the women of Frailes, each of her strong female colleagues who work within this industry will see a brighter day just as she has.

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