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Monthly Bloody Monthly

his subscription is for the community of people who bleed monthly and have (excuse the pun) a ...

his subscription is for the community of people who bleed monthly and have (excuse the pun) a bloody hard time with it.

We all know as well as anyone how difficult periods are, so we wanted to create this subscription as a way to bring a little bit of joy into those difficult days- or perhaps even make them something to look forward to each month!  Impossible you say, well listen up...

We've partnered with one of our favourite womxn-led businesses, Flo, to bring you Monthly Bloody Monthly.

A monthly subscription box where you can get your tampons or pads delivered each month alongside a 250g box of GWGC coffee (because let's be honest we damn well need coffee to get through this shit).

Your monthly is sounding pretty good now right?!

Inclusivity and accessibility are at the core of what we do here at GWGC, so we felt it was important to have a coffee subscription that spoke directly to the needs of all people on their periods and open up that very important dialogue about the reality of bleeding – while also supporting other womxn-led businesses in the process.  

What your monthly subscription includes:

  • 1 x 250g box of Girls Who Grind Coffee selected by our team. You can select whole bean or ground for your brewing requirements.

  • 1 x combo pack of 15 natural bamboo pads (10 Day + 5 Night). Featuring hypoallergenic organic bamboo and plant-based, compostable plastic-free wrappers.


  • 1 x combo pack of 14 organic tampons (8 Regular + 6 Super) with soft, compact, plant-based applicators that are made from sugarcane: 95% plant-based, 0% petroleum plastic. Featuring organic cotton and packed in an ice cream tub to satisfy those period cravings!

    Shipping included. United Kingdom only.


About Flo...

Dreamt up by besties Tara and Susan whilst having a classic bathroom chat in between classes at university.  Susan was daydreaming about starting a business together - Tara wondered why she couldn't find organic tampons anywhere!  Loads of research, a masters dissertation and heaps of terrible period-pun business names later, FLO was born!

Their mission remained simple: make products that inspire people to feel crazy confident and empowered about their messiest bodily moments.

Flo make organic all-natural Pads and Tampons made by mama nature. Made from sustainable, organic bamboo and cotton. Ridiculously comfortable and seriously absorbent.

Their Pads and tampons are made from 100% organic, edge-grown, sustainable bamboo +  100% organic cotton - a vagina's best friend. PH-respecting and never overdrying.  Zero irritating, synthetic fibers, pesticide residues, bleach, dyes, fragrances and all that unnecessary nonsense. Plus all their products have plant-based + compostable wrappers.

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