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Mio, Carbonic Maceration

Red Wine. Papaya. Wild Strawberry. Intoxicating. Producers: Mió - Ana, Cris, RenataRegion: Min...

Red Wine. Papaya. Wild Strawberry. Intoxicating.

Producers: Mió - Ana, Cris, Renata
Region: Minas Gerais, Sul de Minas, Brazil
Varieties: Peaberry and Yellow Catucai/Mundo Novo
Process: Carbonic Maceration
Altitude: 1100 masl

We only have a super small amount of this coffee, hence why it is only available in 250g boxes.  If you want to try this, you'll need to be quick!


We are very excited to bring you yet another exciting and progressive micro lot from the awesome team at Mió, a female-led company run by Cris Gerbasi, COO for Brazilian Business, Ana Luiza, COO for International Business and Renata Parisi (Ana’s Mum) Owner and general badass of Mió.

This time it’s a crazy delicious peaberry carbonic maceration process that is all boozy and juicy in the cup.  This method changes the coffee’s microbial, chemical, and sensory profile. By keeping the temperature around 38°C for 96 hours, bacterial diversity that thrives in this environment positively impacts coffee flavour by promoting higher acidity, a creamy body and a long aftertaste. At Mió, the strategy was to keep the fermentation between 72-120 hours and let the natural microbiome of the coffee to work, respecting the terroir and its natural microorganisms.


Sustainability is incredibly important to Mió; they have many current projects to support social, economic and environmental stability. They pride themselves on a 100% traceability guarantee for the entire crop every year. Each stage of the journey, where cherries are harvested, which trucks move them, how and when they were processed, is tracked using satellite imagery. Being technology-driven improves the farmworkers’ quality of life, ensures an abundant harvest and guarantees the highest processing standards for the crop. The world coffee supply chain consists of a large number of steps. Mió aims to oversee every part of the process. Buying coffee from Mió is as trustworthy and straightforward as buying vegetables at your farmers’ market.


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