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Monse Prado, Costa Rica, Honey

PEACH . WATERMELON . TEA, LEMON + BROWN SUGAR. WMXN PWR. Farm: Ditso Coffee FarmRegion: Tarrazu, ...


Farm: Ditso Coffee Farm
Region: Tarrazu, Costa Rica
Variety: Caturra / Catuai
Process: Honey
Altitude: 1800m

After having her first baby, Monse unsurprisingly didn’t have much time to process a lot of coffee. She did however process a tiny lot specifically for Girls Who Grind Coffee and boy are we glad she did because it’s a stunner. Incredibly fruity with sparkling acidity and floral notes.

Monse’s best pal is the V60- this way you can coat your whole mouth with a really distinct brown sugar sweetness played against strong peach and lemon flavours in a super clean cup that everyone will enjoy. It's the bomb, really. 


About Monse...

We are incredibly proud to partner with Bean Voyage and bring you this wonderful coffee from innovative, first-gen producer Monse Prado. 

Bean Voyage is a feminist organisation building an equitable value chain with smallholder womxn farmers in Costa Rica.

After working in San Jose, Monse returned to Tarrazu to live with her partner. As a young professional with endless dreams and strong work ethics, Monse began her journey into the coffee production world. Her partner’s family have been life-long coffee producers and she wanted to help them to see that there is more to coffee production beyond farming. Her partner, an agricultural engineer, designed a micro-mill for Monse to manage everything on her own. This innovative micro-mill has a uniquely vertical design and is certified by the local govt for its efficient water and energy usage. Monse’s ethos for Ditso is built around coffee quality and ecological preservation and is a member of the NAMA Cafe Project, a unique worldwide project that seeks to measure and mitigate the environmental impact of coffee activity. as one of the region’s younger coffee producers, she collaborates with the others in the group to bring more innovative ideas.

“I believe that the constant challenge as a woman is to be able to show that we can contribute to the world of coffee and develop in the activity, and that we can also do it in an excellent way” Monse says.

Our favourite way to brew this coffee at the roastery:

We’ve loved Monse every-which-way that you can imagine brewing, but our favourite way to experience her was brewed on V60. This recipe and method bring out some really distinct brown sugar sweetness and strong peach flavours in a really clean cup that we all enjoyed!

26g medium ground coffee
467g water*
4 minute brew time
*We brewed our V60 at 89°

1. Pre-wet your filter paper, simultaneously preheating your carafe.
2. Put the 26g dry coffee in the V60, tap the sides of the V60 to flatten and even out the coffee bed.
3. Pour 52g of water for the bloom, starting at the centre and moving out in an anti-clockwise motion, ensuring all grounds are wet.
4. Wait a full minute for the bloom; do not agitate!
5. After a minute has passed for the bloom, pour 70g of water in, starting in the middle and moving out in an anti-clockwise spiral, evenly covering all the coffee with water.
6. Wait 10 seconds, then pour another 70g of water. Repeat this, pouring 70g of water in every ten seconds until you reach around 332g.
7. At 332g, wait 10 seconds, and then pour in the remaining 135g of water in the same anti-clockwise motion.
8. Total brewing time should come to 4 minutes. 


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