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The Lady, Myanmar, Red Honey Carbonic Maceration



Producers: The Lady Specialty Coffee, Smallholders from Nwar Ban Gyi Village

Region: Shan State, Ywangan

Variety: Red Catuai

Process: Red Honey Carbonic Maceration

Altitude: 1350 MASL

Boasting boozy brilliance with an apricot and hazelnut finish, get ready to be wow’d by this super interesting and complex coffee from Myanmar.   The Lady has caused many conversations here at the roastery- she’s a real unique coffee that we didn’t quite know what to expect of, but once we tried her as espresso, we were blown away by this super jazzy apricot and nutmeg.

About The Lady...

The Lady is an all-female-run processing facility created by Su Nandar Linn and Thi Ha Gywalie to support the efforts of farmers in Ywangan region with its limited-edition lots, purchasing solely from female smallholders.

The facility was set up with the intention of highlighting the important work women do in coffee in the region. In Myanmar women make up the majority of the workforce on the farms yet are rarely recognised for it. The Lady is here to prove that women can do it all. Women working at The Lady gain skills needed to properly process coffees after they are delivered in cherry form.

Su Nander, who also runs her own coffee farm, belongs to the youngest generation of coffee farmers who are truly breaking new ground. With her passion for experimentation and her focus on quality, she has contributed to Myanmar being recognised as an origin producing high-quality specialty coffee.

This coffee is processed by a carbonic maceration red honey method, with the coffee cherries undergoing 48 hours of fermentation, prior to depulping and drying on raised beds. The idea is to break down the inside layers of the fruit, and soak all of the juice into the seeds in a controlled fermentation without yeast. Carbonic maceration can bring out some incredibly unusual flavours and aromas, and is known for creating bright and winey coffees- you see why we wanted to bring The Lady to you!

From the Founders: "The vision behind The Lady is to promote women in coffee; which is the reality here in Myanmar, it’s mostly women working on the farms, not men. So we wanted to celebrate the fact that women can do whatever men can do by only buying from female farmers. That’s why we named the company The Lady."

Our favourite way to brew this coffee at the roastery:


19.5g finely ground coffee
34g water*
between 30 and 32 second extraction time
*we brewed our espresso at 94°

1. Remove the portafilter from the espresso machine, knock out the coffee puck if necessary, use a clean and dry microfibre cloth or clean and dry tea-towel to clean and dry the basket.
2. Flush the group-head with hot water.
3. Place the portafilter onto your scales, tare so that the weight reads 0g.
4. Dose the portafilter with the desired weight of coffee- in this instance, 19.5g.
5. ‘Groom’ the coffee in the basket by tapping either side of the basket so that the grounds look evenly distributed and level.
6. Some people may like to use a distributer to ensure an even, flat bed of coffee prior to tamping- ensure that if you are using a distributer, they are clean and dry before coming into contact with the grounds.
7. Once you are happy that the bed of grounds is even and flat, pick up the tamp as you would hold a doorknob- with the ‘bulb’ of the tamp on the fleshy part of your palm below your thumb, and your fingers and thumb evenly spread around the base of the tamp’s handle.
8. Place the edge of the portafilter on your tamp mat, do not tamp with the portafilter resting on the spouts as this will cause damage to the spouts.
9. Push down with even weight across your palm onto the tamp- ensure that the force of tamping is consistent and even- the goal of tamping is to remove air pockets and create a flat, even bed to allow for balanced extraction.
10. Once you are happy with your flat and even tamp, remove the tamp and wipe away (with clean hands!) any coffee grounds from the rim and spouts of the portafilter.
11. Insert the portafilter, being sure not to knock the portafilter as this can create air-pockets/an uneven coffee bed which causes channelling.
13. Once your portafilter is locked into the group-head, begin brewing immediately.
14. Enjoy your espresso! As The Lady is such a funky brew, we really feel like it’s best enjoyed black, but if you’d prefer a bit of milk, we’d suggest trying it as a macchiato.

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