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Yenni Esperanza, Colombia, Double Trouble

2 x Special AF Coffees from Yenni Esperanza! You will recieve:  1 x 100g Taster Jar, Washed, T...

2 x Special AF Coffees from Yenni Esperanza!

You will recieve: 

1 x 100g Taster Jar, Washed, Thermal Shock Process.

1 x 100g Taster Jar, Washed, Thermal Shock Process, Cata's Profile.


An opportunity to try both of these incredible processes that we promise will blow your mind.

We know you remember her name, folks - you’ve been shouting it at us ever since we sold out last year-so, without further ado, please welcome back to the stage: Yenni Esperanza!

We always knew that Yenni would be back with us as soon as we could get our hands on her electrifying experimental coffees, but what we didn’t anticipate was not being able to pick just one option! We were so excited by what we tasted when cupping, that we opted to buy two thermal shock processed coffees- one of which uses a profile exclusively created for the wonderful Cata Export- and both of which will leave you loving life and savouring every last sip.

In addition to owning and running the famed Finca El Paraiso with her brother, Diego Samuel, Yenni also manages the entire production within her all-female team and works with neighbouring female producers.

Finca El Paraiso has garnered such a strong reputation in the specialty scene thanks to the extraordinary coffees and experimental fermentation techniques produced there, and both the coffees we’ve sourced from Yenni this year are the absolute embodiment of this well-justified reputation.

It is clear that a huge contributor to Finca Paraiso’s great success is Yenni’s research, interest and dedication to experimental process, and we are so excited to once again share with you all the literal fruits of her labour.

You might find yourself getting nostalgic for last year’s Yenni, but don’t be fooled into thinking these are one and the same- this year’s choice has that same intoxicating feel but brings big chewy dried mango vibes and that lavender lift you’ll just love!


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