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Yenny Esperanza, Colombia

A Special AF Coffee from Yenny Esperanza - 100g Taster Glass Jar   PRODUCER: YENNY ESPERANZA COU...

A Special AF Coffee from Yenny Esperanza - 100g Taster Glass Jar











About Yenny...

We could not be more excited to bring you this mind-blowing coffee from highly-experimental producer Yenny Esperanza as part of the ‘Six For Farmers’ Coffee Sourcing Project by Cata Export.  This project was developed to support Colombian producers who, due to COVID-19, were facing severe issues such as; lack of workers, drastic reductions in demand, cancelled contracts and a lot of uncertainty.

Yenny owns and runs Finca El Paraiso alongside her brother Diego Samuel, a coffee farm that is very well known in the specialty coffee world because of its extraordinary coffees and experimental fermentation techniques and this Thermal Shock process micro-lot from Yenny is a prime example of this!

Yenny is in charge of the farm and manages the entire production with her female team, in addition to working with neighbouring female producers. Her interest and research into process experimentation has helped build Finca Paraiso’s great success.

So what is Thermal Shock process and why does it make this coffee taste so damn good?

The Thermal Shock process is an unusual and complex, post-harvest process method that involves using water at specific temperatures throughout various stages. This creates an incredibly unique cup profile that we’re sure is going to blow your mind!


  1. Harvesting 95% ripe cherries, 5% red cherries (semi ripe).

  2. Wash the cherry with ozonated water to remove microbes.

  3. First phase of anaerobic cherry fermentation for 48 hours in tanks with pressure relief valve at a temperature of 18 degrees centigrade.

  4. Depulp.

  5. Fermentation second phase: Anaerobic mucilage for 48 hours at 21 C

  6. Washed with thermal shock (in order to transfer and fix the aromas). Firstly, water at 40 degrees then water at 12 degrees.

  7. Controlled drying for 34 hours, with air recirculation at one temperature of 35C and relative humidity of 25%, until a moisture content between 10% and 11% is achieved.


Read about Cheek to Cheek our Women's Empowerment Initiative that this coffee is part of.

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Our Favourite way to brew this coffee at the roastery:

Yenny is a truly exceptional coffee, and we've had a great time playing around with different recipes; for us, we've most enjoyed this delicious coffee as a V60 and on Aeropress, but we're always to keen to hear how you've got on with any of our coffees, so feel free to send us the recipes you've had success with, too.


For the V60, we've gone for an old favourite recipe that gives a really great body and delicious jasmine-heavy aroma.

30g of coarse coffee in
500g water in (not boiling hot! The passionfruit sweetness definitely comes out at a slightly cooler temp, we brewed ours at 85)
Extraction time 3.30mins

Pre-wet the filter and pre-heat the V60, pour the 30g of coffee in.
Make a small dent in the centre of the grounds (almost like a little well)
For the bloom, aim for about 60g of water, making sure all the dry grounds are covered, gently swirl the V60 once your 60g of water are in.
After 45 seconds, pour in an anti-clockwise motion to 300g, starting in the centre and moving out.
Then give the whole V60 a good agitate.
At 1min15sec, pour the rest of the water in until you reach 500g, pouring in the same anti-clockwise motion again, giving it another good agitate afterwards.
Then just wait!
The total extraction time should come to around 3mins 30seconds.


For Aeropress, we've found that dropping the water volume slightly really brought out the sweet passionfruit flavours, without sacrificing any of the jasmine notes we so loved on V60.

16g of medium-fine coffee in
220g water in (again, not boiling hot, we enjoyed our aero at both 85 and 89 degrees)
Flip, and begin plunging at 1 minute, complete the plunge by 1 minute 30

Pre-wet two aero filters over your chosen vessel (this pre-wets your filters, and also preheats your cup!). Preheat your inverted aero, too, and be sure to empty both the aero and the cup before you begin.
Put the 16g of coffee in the aero 'chamber', shake the aeropress to ensure your bed of coffee is flat and evenly distributed.
For the bloom, you're looking for 30g of coffee in the first 15 seconds, swirl the aero to ensure even coverage of the grounds.
After your 15 second bloom, pour up to 120g water, give a good agitate or stir with your aeropress stirrer and wait until 45 seconds have passed.
At 45 seconds, pour the remaining water so that you reach 220g.
Agitate again and secure the cap in place. Push your aeropress slightly so that some air is released, and then at 1 minute, flip the aeropress onto your cup.
Push gently, evenly and slowly to the bottom, stopping when you hear it begin to hiss- don't push it all the way down! Total brew time should be 1 minute 30.



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