Cheek to Cheek




10% of the sale price of our retail bags of roasted coffees directly back into the pockets of the women we buy from. Boom.


We use producers name’s and stories on our packaging. We make money from this. Producers should get paid for this. So simple. 

Money Money Money Money.

Coffee is big business, worth billions, but not enough of the profits stay in producing countries and especially not in the pockets of women. We want to disrupt this by creating positive change in the value system through sharing the end profits. 

You Rebel

As a consumer, as a supporter of what we do, you are now an integral part of shaking things up. 10% of the price you pay for our 250g retail coffee will go directly from your pocket to the pocket’s of the incredible women who we buy from. Through purchasing our coffee you are rebelling against a system that does not work for producers. Thank you!

And what will they do with the money? Has anyone asked you what you spend your paycheck on? No? Exactly. The answer is…


What. Ever. The. Hell. They. Want. 👊