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Cheek to Cheek


This initiative that puts 10% of the sale price of all our retail bags of roasted coffees back into the pockets of our producers.

Of course, our process begins by us paying a premium price to our producers for their green coffee, but now the process ends with 10% of the sale price also going back to our wonderful producers!

YOU, as a consumer, as a supporter of what we do, are now an integral part of that chain. 10% of the price you pay for our roasted coffee will go directly back into that producer’s pocket, and damn, that must feel good, right?!

Why is this so important?

Coffee producers struggle to make a living wage from their product. This is even more difficult for women, who more often than not, receive less money for the same task carried out by a man.

We believe the stories behind the coffees we purchase add value to the final product sold to you.

Roasteries often share pictures, quotes, and information about their producers - they use the producer’s stories, hopes and dreams to sell their product, but that’s long after that producer is paid for their coffee.

We think it’s time for change!

We want to give back to the producers in exchange for everything they give, above and beyond the beans themselves. We want our producers to feel part of the process, part of our team and be proud of the incredible coffee they have produced.

‘Transparency’ and 'Traceability’ are buzz words that often pop-up in the coffee world. Roasters and consumers alike are more discerning about the coffee they buy and like to know how much producers are being paid, but without a complete understanding of what these numbers actually represent, especially compared to producers’ cost of production and whether or not the producer breaks even on the coffee you drink.

We want you to know more, we want the numbers to be fair for producers and coffee drinkers alike, we want more faith in the process and the relationships from producers to roasters to consumers.

Cheek to cheek is our way of taking action instead of blah blah blahing! We put the money exactly where it should go! The women we work with have added value to the coffees we sell by sharing their stories with us. They add value. They get paid.

And what will they do with the money? Has anyone asked you what you spend your paycheck on? No? Exactly. The answer is…

What. Ever. The. Hell. They. Want. 👊

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