Grind With Us


 We often get asked what to select for your pre-ground options, so we’ve put together a little guide to help.


Home Brewing Method Grind Option to Select
Espresso Espresso
Moka Pot Espresso
V60 Paper Filter
Chemex Paper Filter
Clever Dripper Paper Filter
Kalita Wave Paper Filter
Origami Dripper Paper Filter
Siphon Paper Filter
Aeropress/Delta Coffee Press
Paper Filter
French Press/Cafetiere
French Press


If you are looking to brew cold brew, or cup our coffees at home when you’re ordering pre-ground,  place your order with ‘French Press’ pre-selected, and then please email our Operations Manager with your order number at to let us know as we will need to go coarser for your cold brew/cupping. The same goes for if you’re brewing Turkish coffee; select ‘Espresso’ when ordering, and then get in touch to let us know you’re brewing Turkish coffee, as we will need to go finer than any of the pre-selected options available.

Please note that while we offer pre-ground options to keep our coffees as accessible as possible, you’ll get the best results with freshly ground coffee - See our Home Grinder Options.