Say My Name

Saying a person’s name correctly is incredibly important - a name is not just a name, it can be a representation of a person’s culture, race, heritage and identity.  When you take the time to learn how to pronounce somebody’s name correctly it affirms that person and creates visibility and value. 
It’s a powerful thing 🔥
We want to create visibility for the business women we buy coffee from. We want to change the way people view women producers, who are often nameless faces picking cherries in photos. 
We sometimes come across names that aren’t familiar to us. We feel it’s crucial and respectful to learn how to pronounce them correctly. 
We’re working with the women we buy from to teach the world their names in their own voices. 
Now when you visit and click on the speaker icon next to the producers name on each product (not all just yet as we're still working on this) you can hear a little soundbite of the producer saying their name and how they would like it pronounced.
So listen up and learn.