The Founders

Meet our founders


Fi, Co-Founder / Head of Brand + Creative Director

Fi started her career in Advertising as a Creative/Brand Strategist before leaving to open her own Cafe in support of street art culture in Fitzroy, Melbourne.  Opening a cafe was the ultimate way for her to combine her interest in creative design and brand strategy with her love of coffee and cafe culture/community.  

At GWGC, Fi works to develop the most captivating ways to celebrate and empower women in the industry and share our wonderful producers stories with our customers.  She looks after everything brand, design and retail-related; from designing and producing our packaging and merchandise to running our social media platforms and managing brand collaborations and partnerships.

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Casey, Co-Founder / Head of Coffee + Licensed Q Grader

Casey has wanted to work in coffee since she was a teenager growing up in Upstate New York. She has happy childhood memories of her house filling up with the smell of coffee brewing in the mornings. In her 20’s when she landed her first job at a roastery/coffee lab in Vermont she knew she’d never look back. 

Casey started off in a cupping lab where she learned how to cup and roast. She also assisted on Q-Grader courses. She enjoyed the experience of working in a lab but learned two things. 1.She wanted to work for herself. 2. She wanted to be involved in green buying and producer relationships. 

As Head of Coffee and Head Roaster at GWGC, Casey is responsible for sourcing beans from all of the incredible women we work with as well as roasting them and making them taste great. Casey is always on the search for incredible female producers to work with, building those important relationships and selecting incredible coffees not only for their taste but for the stories behind them.

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