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Gloria Henriquez, Honduras, Washed

Pear. Fudgy Caramel. Cacao. Chicks Dig It. Producer: Gloria Henriquez Country: Honduras Region:...

Pear. Fudgy Caramel. Cacao. Chicks Dig It.

Producer: Gloria Henriquez

Country: Honduras

Region: Mercedes, Ocotepeque

Farm: Finca Los Nances, FTO Certified.

Variety: Lempira and IHCAFE 90

Process: Washed

Altitude: 1220 Masl


Pre-PEAR to get fruity and fabulous with the Glorious Gloria! This chic(k) coffee is all sweet, spiced pears and that is as juicy as you are (we see you!). This baby has blown us away brewed up every which way, but we’re particularly partial to the V60 method that’s delivered us a caramel heavy cup with cardamom, cinnamon and pome perfection. Our favourite recipe can be found below.


About Gloria...

Gloria Henriquez is a 4th generation coffee producer and owner of FTO certified farm Los Nances.  She has a wealth of experience working on coffee farms having first started by watching her grandparents work on their farm as a child.

“The new generation of coffee growers laugh at me when I tell them about the way we worked in the old days, but I see my experience and wealth of knowledge, even if from another era, as an advantage” Gloria says.

In 2013, disaster struck when her farm was ruthlessly hit by rust. Gloria was close to despair. With no income and very little money for food, she went into debt.  Little by little she pulled herself out of that deep hole and decided to diversify.  Nowadays she holds over 100 free-range, chemical free chickens, which she sells to eateries and her local community. A small but reliable source of income to supplement her coffee production.

Finca Los Nances is only a small farm of just under a hectare, but this year, Gloria, with the help of Cafesmo, has produced high scoring microlots which has convinced her that this is the direction she wants to take, building relationships of trust and close collaboration with one or two roasteries.

We are incredibly grateful to be one of them.

Gloria is also part of the brand new Women’s Association being established by Cafesmo, we can’t wait to see what the women achieve together.


Hey! Want a super simple, fuss-free brew recipe for this coffee? Click here to read our basic brew guides, we recommend either the V60 or French Press recipes for this coffee. 

Read about Cheek to Cheek our Women's Empowerment Initiative that this coffee is part of.

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