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Girl Crush, House Espresso, El Salvador, Natural

Silky Milk Chocolate. Nougat. Praline, Red Fruit. Good As Hell.   Producer: Karla, Daniela, Ale...

Silky Milk Chocolate. Nougat. Praline, Red Fruit. Good As Hell.


Producer: Karla, Daniela, Alexandra Boza

Country: El Salvador

Region: San Salvador

Farm: Finca San Antonio Amatepec

Variety: Red Bourbon, Yellow Icatú

Process: Natural

Altitude: 1300

Shade Grown / Rainforest Alliance Certified


Girl Crush is our current coffee crush for espresso-based drinks, consider it the house espresso from the Girls Who Grind Coffee Clubhouse. Sometimes single-origin, sometimes a blend but always from incredible female producers and consistently delivering a perfectly balanced and full-bodied cup.

A medium roast profile that creates a superb all-rounder that is sweet and silky smooth with subtle acidity making it an absolute dreamboat in both black and milk-based drinks with very little faff required to really bring her full flavour profile to light. We promise she'll be a crowd-pleaser, just like Lizzo.




The incredible Boza Sisters of Finca San Antonio Amatepec are ambitious change-makers looking to carve a path for themselves and the next generation of coffee producers.

With a focus on shade-grown specialty coffee production through sustainable methods and a continued focus on a commitment to the care of the environment and the development of the local community. The farm has been certified by the Rainforest Alliance and holds a rating of 95.75% on average!

The three young sisters: Alexandra, Daniella, and Karla (in order from eldest to youngest), grew up going to the farm every other weekend but were not really involved with the day-to-day activities. Part of this, they believe, had to do with their gender.

Women are not generally involved in leading a farm so were not ever taught how to do so. Since the 1970s, Finca San Antonio Amatepec was run solely by their father, Carlos. However with time, and as their father aged, realising there was not going to be a son/man to take over the farm after him, he agreed for the sisters to become more involved. They realised that they would have to split the work with their father and have become increasingly involved over the last few years.

They oversaw the new implementations of different Rainforest Alliance strategies, looked after the harvest, and managed more of the marketing and relationship building with buyers. Most importantly, they finally took the necessary steps to process their coffee independently.

They believe that this has been the most important change for their farm in the last few years - and if it were not for their encouragement and support their father would have never taken the jump as this is a very risky but important move for coffee producers to make.

Karla, the youngest of the 3 sisters, is one of the recipients of the 2019-2021 leadership equity and diversity (lead) scholarship program. Lead is aimed at increasing diversity of leadership within the global coffee community by enabling access to professional development resources to people from underrepresented or marginalised communities. We are super proud of Karla and the amazing leader she is becoming within the coffee industry!

We are incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to build a strong business partnership with the Boza sisters over the past four years.

Sisters are doin’ it for themselves!

*Important update from Karla about this harvest

“A bit of a social update: on our end, it tested our ability to be adaptable to early pandemic/current conditions. It was very complicated to juggle keeping everyone safe with what we knew about Covid at the time and also move forward, as the harvest didn’t slow down. Since then, I’m glad to announce we’ve been able to keep everyone safe at the farm and we’re all fully vaccinated! We scheduled appointments for all our workers to get vaccinated and organised transportation for everyone. This current harvest will hopefully be a lot more at ease, which I’m so happy and thankful for.

Farm update: last harvest was incredibly difficult not only because of Covid but because of all the rain as well! We had an excess of water with all the storms, which lasted into the harvest. This is probably the worst that can happen in El Salvador since we usually have very established weather patterns and therefore don’t have the infrastructure to dry coffee in the rain. There were days when we couldn’t even harvest coffee because it was irresponsible to have people out on slippery slopes. We didn’t know what to do with the coffee but fortunately around January when we processed our specialty coffee, it finally stopped raining

Between the pandemic and rains, it felt like it would be an impossible harvest. That’s why in a way, I’m not surprised it’s also been a hassle to get it delivered. I think it’s part of this coffee’s character to be this tough 😂

But in the end, I’m so so so so so so happy it’s finally there! I’m sure it’s felt almost impossible for a lot of other people as well, so the fact it’s finally there and hopefully in time for the holidays, makes me really happy!”


We feel It is so incredibly important to be informed of the issues that Coffee Producers are experiencing behind the scenes. They are strong and resilient and do everything in their power to nurture, grow and produce outstanding coffee despite these issues and as a consumer, we must be mindful of this when there are delays in shipment and inevitable price increases.


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Our favourite espresso recipe for Girl Crush at the roastery:

This easy to work with coffee shines with the traditional espresso recipe of 18g in/36g out extracting between 28-30 seconds.

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